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5 Steps of Dayparting in Google Ads Scheduling

5 steps of Dayparting in Google Ads Scheduling | FoxNAngel
5 steps of Dayparting in Google Ads Scheduling | FoxNAngel

Perfect timing on perfect days provides your business with perfect value! That’s Dayparting!

Dayparting is a way in which advertisements can be displayed to netizens only at particular times in a day. The process results in maximum visibility of the advertisement and provides greater results. It is basically a PPC advertising tactic that targets the audience effectively. You may require the best of advertising agencies to do that for you, but here are a few steps to sort your business at home.

Get started with dayparting by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Select a campaign in your AdWords account and go to the dimensions tab

Step 2: Once you click the dimensions tab, you will find an option of ‘view’. Click on the view to further get a drop-down list. In the list, there will be an option of ‘Time’. Select ‘day of the week’ or ‘hour of the day’ option.

Step 3: Under the ‘day of the week’ and ‘hour of the day’ option you can analyze the amount of traffic and conversions rates. This will help you to build your strategy in sync with your PPC goals.

Step 4: It’s time to schedule your campaign according to the analysis in step 3. Go to settings and click on the ‘ad schedule’ option.

Step 5: Once you scroll down to a red option of adding a new schedule to your campaign. Here you can set days and hours to show your ad campaign.

Track the right time and day of traffic on your website, schedule accordingly and enjoy! For further help and support, you may also contact the best Brand design and development agency in Delhi – Fox and Angel that looks to provide their clients with a one-stop solution to every branding and advertising strategy.

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