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9 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019


With the New Year comes a set of new trends in digital marketing. But, it’s not overnight; it requires a lot of time and effort.

When a new trend starts to extremely spread, it can impact the work digital marketers and advertisers do every day. It also has a great impact on the entire industry. That’s why it’s very important to be abreast with the latest happenings in the digital marketing world. Technology’s ever changing so is the human thought process.

Following Are The Nine Latest Trends In The Digital Marketing Sector

  1. Chat bots– They are based on artificial intelligence and will help in opening up a new lead generation channel that continues to work for you, even when the last employee has gone home.
  2. Keyword clustering (SEO) – The hottest new trend in SEO is keyword clustering. Instead of Googling “Indian events”, people are more likely to search “what is happening in India today?” It’s all about targeting matters that people are searching for, rather than keywords.
  3. Programmatic – Advertisers everywhere are using programmatic to scale their campaigns while enjoying even more control over targeting and placement.
  4. Real life Influencers– There should be real life users of a product. Consumers want to purchase a product recommended by a friend, rather than a celebrity.
  5. Voice search– When it comes to online search, one thing is clear: the world is heading towards hands-free and screens less surfing. So, voice search goes a long way.
  6. Storytelling– Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are offering Story format posts, the digital form of the story around the campfire. Story behind the brand is very much vital to be narrated.
  7. Long-Form Video– Speaking of storytelling, the long-form video gives advertisers the space to tell much more compelling brand stories. It narrates well.
  8. Augmented Reality– Forget virtual reality – the next big thing is augmented reality. Remember Pokémon Go and Snapchat World Lenses? Those were just testing the AR waters. Be prepared for a boom in AR as retail brands create more methods to integrate this strategy into their digital marketing activity.
  9. Predictive data– It’s no longer about analyzing historical data; it’s about using advanced AI to predict what customers will do in the future. The, prepare brand digital marketing campaigns accordingly.

Now, the technology and human emotions are going to move forward hand in hand. So, be ready to be a part of this tech human journey.


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