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Tools And Techniques For Online Brand Management


In this era of digital media, internet has made brand management much more involved now that there are so many digital channels for customers to communicate through. It’s an effective and efficient tool to communicate your message to the masses. It basically promotes two way communication where in now customers have the ability to voice their opinions about a particular brand or an organization and can easily be heard.

In essence online brand management is about managing conversations between the brand and its target audiences while nurturing a positive perception at the same point in time. Now the world is bending more towards the use of online media as compared to the use of traditional media tools. Therefore, online media can be used for branding effectively and can create a positive impact in the minds of target audiences which can ultimately lead to greater profits for the organization. To have an effective online brand management system, one should follow the below mentioned techniques.

Efficient Planning And Plotting: Understand your brand properly before narrating your story to the public via online tools or social media. Understand the market demand properly and analyses the opportunities you can have. Hit at the right place and time. You must involve all of your employees and realize that even your employee’s social networks have a huge impact on the brand, and they must be mindful about how the company brand is signified across all social channels.

Strategizing: Properly strategize your online campaigns and select social media platforms to be used for branding. Be abreast with the latest campaigns of your competitors and try to be ahead of them.

Executing: Proper execution is necessary. Similarly, particular applications such as Hootsuite, Social Mention and Sprout Social provide various monitoring tools across social media to track brand mentions and analyze social media traffic. Also, an online brand portal like Binder enables quick distribution of digital files, providing access to vital brand materials while improving the overall consistency of your brand and messaging across all channels.

Active Participation: Once you find where your people are discussing your brand, it’s time to join in. The goal is to absolutely interact to comments and questions while constructively responding to criticism. Negative comment can turn into something positive if you demonstrate that your team is willing to promptly respond and make it right for the customer. Quality service reflects well on your online brand, and you’ll find that making that extra determination can often smooth over any bumps in the road.

Be Consistent: Inconsistency can negatively impact your branding. At best, inconsistency makes your brand unmemorable. At worst, it can create a reputation of confusion and apathy. Clear brand plans reinforce your company’s uniqueness and identity, allowing you to voice what sets you apart from your competition. SO BE CONSISTENT.


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