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Steps To Ensure Re-Branding Doesn’t Fail!

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It takes enough thought process and experience to come across situations, and handle them gently. It is necessary to understand your brand as a baby, because it can’t speak, but it still has feelings to keep and maintain; because those feelings are related to market’s anticipations of your brand. That’s what makes your brand, a brand. But sometimes a brand loses touch, or gets incapable of maintaining the same scale in market, and that’s when rebranding is required the most.

But, how do we ensure that the rebranding process doesn’t fail ?

Let’s have a look:

  • Analyze

Analyze your current position, so that you could compare it to what you do next. Take up stats and evaluate them. There are so many brands that use super analytics but don’t get any insights. Break the evaluation part in two; Qualitative and Quantitative.    These stats could be extracted through:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on Site
  • Conversion Rate
  • Survey Consumer Base to know their opinion
  • Survey Non Consumer Base to understand recognition
  • Qualitative Research Tools
  • Heat Map Tools

Some of these data could go down because of change in variables, if we can isolate variables and see an improvement in a metric like conversion rate over time by applying some CRO best practices on top of a visual refresh, then we have some additional data supporting that our rebrand was effective.

  • Get in Touch with a Brand Agency

Get in touch with an experienced brand, and trust them with their work. Obviously, you should Look through what they have been doing, and how it has turned out for others, and then start investing into it.

  • Indulge key stakeholders

Get the heed-payers and decision makers of the brand give their support in evaluating the brand, so that everybody reaches to once communication together at the end.

  • Study

The agency you hire shall be doing this for you:

  • What are your Goals?
  • Who is your Target Audience?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What are the market trends? General trends?
  • What are the industry best practices?
  • Look at Benchmark brands?
  • What Opportunities are not being capitalized on?

This is important to be done!

  • Define Brand Value

They would be found in your brand strategy, make it a road map and move forward. You can take help from Branding Agencies as well to come to a common parlance about it.

  • Attention Getter

Be different from others, so that you have your own personal league to shine out from. It isn’t necessary what has worked for others; will work out for you as well. So, instead of seeking for What others are doing; look for something different, something that matches your brand image.

  • Be Decisive

Look for the direction that represents your brand values, and stop being a people pleaser. Make a decisive action, and give it sometime to grow and get it in action.

  • Go ahead

Go ahead and keep your brand in front of the audience. You could also take help from Marketing Agencies / Advertising Agencies in deciding where to place the communication, or for whom to put the communication ? It would be better to observe an open dialogue between teams. And let there be a clear communication between In-house marketing team and agencies.

  • Evaluation

Take help of marketing strategies in as to change your measurements. Remember in the first Step, you had to analyze the current scenario of your company, so that you could compare it With the numbers coming ahead; now is the time to do that.

  • Adjust Accordingly

Look for any adjustments if required, after watching the revamped situation of your brand. Understand what is required, and what is not! There are various analytical tools to measure it; various agencies to do that for you. Motive is to monitor changes and report out learning.

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